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At Implant & Periodontic Specialists, we have vast experience in dealing with all types of dental issues. Come to our office to experience relief from any problem you may be facing! We specialize in dental implants and periodontal care.

We can provide you with numerous effective dental services, such as:

Dental Implants Dental Implants

When teeth are missing, dental implants provide a great option for numerous of our patients.


We use the powerful LANAP® surgical procedure for patients struggling with periodontitis.


Periodontics is the area of our practice in which we analyze, diagnose, treat, and prevent common teeth problems.

Sedation DentistrySedation Dentistry

Our skilled doctors make going under seem easy instead of scary. We promise you a safe and relaxing experience.

Wisdom Tooth ExtractionWisdom Teeth Extraction

If your wisdom teeth have become impacted, getting them removed is crucial to avoid future problems.


This regenerative tissue matrix is used to reconstruct a healthy smile. With donor tissue, your issue can quickly heal!

Bone GraftsBone Grafts

Bone grafts are used to stimulate bone growth in spots where original teeth are lost.

Crown LengtheningCrown Lengthening

Sometimes improving the looks of your smile is all you need. Our dentist can easily transform the entire look of your teeth.

Gum Recession and Tissue GraftingGum Recession And Tissue Grafting

Gum grafting helps promote not only healthy, functional gums but also a beautiful smile!

Biopsy and Oral PathologyBiopsy And Oral Pathology

We highly recommend using biopsies and Velscope to check for oral cancer.

Osseous SurgeryOsseous Surgery

If you have unhealthy gums, you may be a candidate for osseous surgery, which can be a great way to prevent extractions.

Scaling and Root PlaningScaling And Root Planing

This type of procedure is one of the most effective and non-surgical ways to combat gum disease.

Dental health is a critical part of overall well-being. Entrust the state of your teeth to our capable hands! Stop in to schedule an appointment! GIVE US A CALL right away at (425) 440-3448 to learn more.

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